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Sexy Mens Britches…

Sexy Men's Underwear

   When you think of men, sexy britches, and types of underwear, what comes to mind first? Exotic, erotic, intoxicating undies right? That’s what most women would tell you. If you asked a handful of women to tell you their favorite form of men’s sexy underwear, you would most likely get a few different answers. With so many options in seductive skivvies, and erotic play wear, it’s hard to decide which ones look best on our favorite hard bodies, which can make shopping for sassy underwear for your guy a bit of a challenge…BUT what women wouldn’t L-O-V-E that challenge? For years, erotic underwear has been a woman’s domain- oh but no more! Bedroom Desire Men's Thong

I know what you’re thinking ladies, how then do you get your guy to wear sexy underwear?  Perhaps you’ve dropped the not so subtle hints…. You’ve left messages, sent texts, and maybe even drawn silly cartoons or pictures. But the truth is if you want to see your man in a pair of sexy underwear, you’re just going to have to get it yourself. So, what kind of sexy skivvies are right your man? A quick peek at his current underwear choices might help you clue in to the best naughty knickers to get him. Taking that peek at what he currently has might also tell you that he is in desperate need of your assistance picking out some new britches!

Guys, please listen up here! Women love to see you in sexy underwear just as much as it turns them on to see you in something a bit risque’ perhaps, and sensual. After all, it is a two-way street here. Let him show you what he’s got and then…. wowza!

If your man wears briefs, he’s probably a bit of a kid at heart. His tighty whiteys are a throwback to his youth, and you should keep his underwear gift sexy, yet light hearted. By all means, don’t go crazy with the sexy underwear- at least not too quickly. Ease him into the idea first and remember to take baby steps.

Did you know that boxer briefs are usually worn by an athletic man- one that is comfortable with himself, and doesn’t mind bucking conformity every now and again? If not, now you know. For the thong or bikini brief wearing guy… wait a second, if your man is wearing thongs or bikini briefs, you should have no trouble getting him into a pair of sexy drawers. Just buy him a leopard print loincloth, and tell Tarzan to come and get you…trust me, it works!
Bring Out the Animal In You Zebra Thong

The men’s underwear market has exploded beyond boxers and briefs. Thongs, G-strings, and peek a boo shorts, just to name a few, are now available in a myriad of colors, brands and styles for the discerning gentleman with a wild streak. If that streak is wider- and crazier than most, there are new kinky, sexy underwear innovations guaranteed to wow even the naughtiest of bad boys.

Hey, the perfect complement to any role playing or mischievous games is revealing the sexy underwear. It truly is more than just lingerie for men. It’s an ego booster- and everyone knows that confidence is the sexiest of bedroom accessories. A lot of erotica! The great thing is ladies is that men love to do what you wish and they will do whatever it takes if it means more foreplay and sex for him!

Don’t forget, gentlemen, as you explore the naughty underwear world to look into it is a new uncharted territory. Sure, you might not normally consider leather, mesh or even satin…But why not give it a shot? Who knows…you may just find a new favorite to replace your ‘plain jane’ undies. Next time you’re looking to buy a new pair of underwear…think beyond basic black or tighty whiteys. Think bold, fun, and perhaps even a bit kinky! Isn’t it time that you turn up the heat and get a little erotic with your partner?