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Lingerie Equals Sex Appeal

From the turn of the century it has always been acknowledged that lingerie equals sex appeal. How a woman looks and feels in her selected piece shows confidence and glamorous attributes. We know what looks and feels best on us … Continue Reading ->>

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Sexy Mens Britches…

   When you think of men, sexy britches, and types of underwear, what comes to mind first? Exotic, erotic, intoxicating undies right? That’s what most women would tell you. If you asked a handful of women to tell you their favorite … Continue Reading ->>

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CHEMISE: The Sexy Lingerie For A Killing Persona

There was a time when lingerie only provided physical support for those parts of the body that are rather private. Lingerie has a little more to offer these days. Right now, lingeries are serving couples’ sexy desires, erotic temptations and … Continue Reading ->>

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Making a Lingerie Statement Without Trying to Make a Lingerie Statement…

Making a lingerie statement without even trying to make a lingerie statement says a lot. This means that you are focusing on finding out what makes your partner tick and what sexy lingerie you can entice him with in the … Continue Reading ->>

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Tips for Converting Men’s Clothing Size to Women’s

converting men’s clothing size to women’s lgbt gay transgender t-girl cross-dressers

You found it! Welcome to our article on Tips for Converting Men’s Clothing Size to Women’s. This is a fabulous online guide to assist, cross-dressers, transsexuals, drag queens and transgenders for the best size fits from male to female for … Continue Reading ->>

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The Sinful Act of Cross-Dressing

cross-dressing transgender transvestite drag queen

You might ask yourself sometime, what the true definition of a cross dresser is? Many of you may already know but for those who do not; A cross dresser is when a person wears clothing, costumes, lingerie of the opposite … Continue Reading ->>