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Understanding Lingerie Lingo

Lets talk about understanding lingerie lingo. Not everyone knows the definition of all types of lingerie, so we’re here to share the ‘lingo’ with you. Underthings have a certain pizazz that will turn ordinary into a charisma of intrigue. We … Continue Reading ->>

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Making a Lingerie Statement Without Trying to Make a Lingerie Statement…

Making a lingerie statement without even trying to make a lingerie statement says a lot. This means that you are focusing on finding out what makes your partner tick and what sexy lingerie you can entice him with in the … Continue Reading ->>

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How To Choose The Right Lingerie

how to chose the right lingerie tips ideas plus size

Are you looking for how to choose the right lingerie for your body? Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, remember? This is what we’ve known all our lives. Well, it is true. Beauty certainly comes in all sizes and … Continue Reading ->>

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Top 10 Types of Lingerie To Spice Up Your Relationship

top 10 types of lingerie to spice up your relationship

Are you looking for what types of lingerie that can spice up your sex or love life? Lingerie is the perfect way for women to self-indulge and feel sexy about themselves. It includes garments like undergarments, silk robes, nighties, etc. … Continue Reading ->>

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The Sinful Act of Cross-Dressing

cross-dressing transgender transvestite drag queen

You might ask yourself sometime, what the true definition of a cross dresser is? Many of you may already know but for those who do not; A cross dresser is when a person wears clothing, costumes, lingerie of the opposite … Continue Reading ->>

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Shopping Guide for Plus Size Lingerie

shopping guide for plus size lingerie curvy women

Welcome to our blog on tips and shopping guide for plus size lingerie. When most shoppers think women’s intimate apparel, they think sexy and vibrant. However, they don’t often realize just how many varieties of lingerie and undergarments are out … Continue Reading ->>